Novel Tarot: Choices (Chapter 8)

The Lovers Card - Sirian Starseed Tarot Deck

I love beautiful tarot and oracle cards, so for each chapter of each novel I write, I draw a card from one of my decks and read it intuitively. See the bottom of the page for information about the novel.

I’ve chosen The Lovers card from the Sirian Starseed deck to represent this chapter. In most decks, you see two individuals facing each other, sometimes nude, sometimes more physical, as is the case in this deck.

On this card, you seed a couple, naked and entwined in a swirl of smoke, stars, and color.  Their feet, or the base of the smoke, seem to be in a red sun at the horizon. The colors follow the chakra colors—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet—from bottom to top of the card.

In this chapter, Charlie, wanting to be adored and having a woman admire him without question—unlike Lilah—takes a step in the crossroads of indecision about whether to indulge in a sexual relationship with Rune.

The Lovers card is often about the relationship—the pairing or the move to physicality—but there’s another meaning that is often overlooked. Choices. The Lovers is about making a choice.

Charlie’s made some well-intentioned but bad choices, trying to be helpful and being sucked in by adversaries who are adept at psychological manipulation, but eventually he makes a choice that there’s no undoing. And Charlie is entirely responsible for his choices.

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