Novel Tarot: A Mix of Death and Gods (Chapter 5)

A Blessing to Shield and Safeguard You - Blessed Be Celtic Blessing Cards

I love beautiful tarot and oracle cards, so for each chapter of each novel I write, I draw a card from one of my decks and read it intuitively. See the bottom of the page for information about the novel.


For this chapter, I’ve chosen the Blessed Be Celtic blessing cards for a better understanding how this new friendship with Raven Darbyshire, the Last Priest of Daegan, blesses Lilah. This is a beautifully illustrated deck, and the card I’ve drawn is no exception.

The card representing what Raven brings to Lilah’s life is A Blessing to Shield and Safeguard You. The woman on the card reminds me of The Morrigan, a war and death goddess, with flowing hair, a sword, and ravens around her.

Raven is unlike any man Lilah has ever had in her life—not devious Ford, or manipulative Jakin, or self-defeating Charlie. This is a man with her best interests at heart—not just one who says so but one who does.

He repeatedly offers to help Lilah through a difficult time, whether it’s to pick her up out of the muck or to teach her how to use her empathic gifts.  He’s not looking at how he can use Lilah for his own ambitions. Raven instead is blessing Lilah with an intention to shield her from harm and keep her safe. And that’s something she’s never had.

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