Novel Tarot: Omnipresence (Chapter 16)

Clarity - Sacred Earth Oracle Deck

I love beautiful tarot and oracle cards, so for each chapter of each novel I write, I draw a card from one of my decks and read it intuitively. See the bottom of the page for information about the novel.

For this chapter, I’ve drawn the oracle card, Clarity, from the Sacred Earth Oracle Deck.

The Daeganean concept of omnipresence, or “all time is now,” provides clarity in a way most humans cannot understand. The priests and priestesses of Daegan are able, if they choose, to remember major events of not only their pasts but also their futures. They may not divine their entire futures in minute detail, but like remembering the past, they can discern big events that will bring great sadness or great joy. Despite knowing such coming sadnesses, they still choose to live and love, making their existence about the entire journey rather than just the end and what led to it. Since they can be resurrected into the future priesthood, they do not fear death in the same way as other mortals.

Knowing what’s coming and still being willing to participate, knowing Charlie’s faults and still loving him but with Lilah accepting herself more—all these are brave ways of experiencing omnipresence.

The greatest clarity, however, is in Nike’s insights on relationships and how best for Lilah to heal.  It’s great advice for anyone experiencing a breakup or big disappointment in a love relationship.


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