I love beautiful tarot and oracle cards, so for each chapter of each novel I write, I draw a card from one of my decks and read it intuitively. See the bottom of the page for information about the novel.

The card I’ve drawn is The Hierophant, another Major Arcana card, this time from the Revelations Tarot deck. I wouldn’t normally equate this card with Raven Darbyshire, the Last Priest of the long-dead god, Daegan, but in this reading, the card has a definite Raven vibe.

This card shows the typical symbolism for The Hierophant—an elderly man, scholarly, usually a teacher or very entrenched in his belief system. Yet in this chapter, that’s very much who Raven is, with the exception of being elderly.  (Though, technically, he’s been incarnating a long, long time, as you see in the novel Sleeping with Demons.)

Although he isn’t the curator of the Scholar’s Library where Lilah and Charlie visit to have the artifact authenticated, he does take on The Hierophant’s role at their first meeting when he explains the importance of the artifact. He is the one with the knowledge of the secret order, the Daeganean libraries, and the protector of the ancient books.

Although he does qualify as a warrior librarian and we do see hints of his physical prowess, Raven is more of a teacher and keeper of the very structured set of sacred beliefs that drives the priesthood and its purpose in saving humanity, however flawed their methods may be.

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by Lorna Tedder

Tentative publication date:  January 2023

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Lorna Tedder

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