What I’m Working on this Week – 30 November 2023

Years ago, I undertook a bunch of past life regressions to see if I could learn anything from the experience.  This happened after I used self-hypnosis to deal with extreme pain from a back injury and unlocked a very distinct memory that was, let’s say, quite foreign to anything I’d experienced or been exposed to. I need to know more, understand more. One of my past lives turned up some more unusual memories that I was able to verify with subject matter experts were plausible.

One of those memories was from a lifetime where I had the ability to see across my entire lifetime, including the last day of it. I’ve often thought about how someone can get into relationships knowing how they’ll end or taking on a situation, knowing it’ll end in great heartbreak.   If you’ve seen the film, “Arrival,” which came out probably 20 years after I first pondered this, it’s similar to this concept of “all time is now.”

Anyway, I’ve noodled on this concept for YEARS, and the thought of being able to remember the future still boggles me.  More than ever, since my mom suffered with progressive dementia in the three years before her death, I’ve done A LOT of thinking about how our memories affect who we are, as well as the bodies we inhabit and how their weaknesses and strengths affect who we are as we age.  If you’ve read my other novels, you’ve seen me touch on these subjects in Sleeping with Demons about removing PTSD by removing memories and in Midlife Visions, where the main character deals with her mother’s memory loss.

Since I find it cathartic to work out my deeper thoughts in my fiction, I decided to explore memory and identity as well as free will vs fate more in my newest series, which features Lady Zephyr (Veronica) from the Rites of Passage trilogy. I’m currently an editing fiend, working on my completed Altered Destiny, the first book in the Witch Out of Time series, for release in January 2024. In this series, Veronica can remember her future, including the soon-to-arrive love of her life, her takeover of the Daeganean priesthood from Aoife Jung, and an impactful elderhood where she dies at the age of 90.  Only…one of her enemies has shifted the timelines and she stands to lose everything–both her position as a leader and her partner. Suddenly her memories are of a different future, and she’s as lost as the rest of us!

Here’s a sneak peek of the cover:

So yes, I’m an editing fiend trying to get through the last round of revisions, BUT I’m also plotting the next book in the series, Future Calling, and had to stop to write a chapter of what I believe will be a prequel, Answered Prophecy.  I need to think more on that one, though–all I know is that the inciting incident is based on something that happened in my own toddlerhood that is still so shocking that most people don’t believe it happened, let alone that I survived it.