What I’m Working on this Week – 6 January 2024

Well, the best-laid plans, right?  On the 21st of December, I had dinner with family, took care of my Winter Solstice ritual–which included an intention to “prioritize sleep”–and then put on some music while I cleaned up and repaired a small machine that cleans the air and helps me breathe better when my allergy-induced asthma (offiical diagnosis) is kicking up.  And that’s where everything went awry.

I had huge plans for the last two weeks of December.  None of them happened.

See, I’d needed a new part for the machine but couldn’t get one for months, so I ordered a part from a different manufacturer. They were cheaper, but most importantly, the part was available.  It had come in earlier that day, so I quickly changed it out and turned on the machine.

The new part had an odd chemical smell.  After about 15 minutes, my nose and throat felt raw, so I turned off the machine. By the next morning, I had an “uh-oh” headache, and by that night, I was siiiiiiiiiick.  So sick that I spent several days sleeping it off and another two weeks mostly on the sofa, too sick to write much.

I’m back on my feet now (literally) and trying to catch up.  I’m almost done with the prequel of the Witch Out of Time series, Answered Prophecy.  It’s really a prequel about what happens to Veronica as a child when she arrives as a walk-in, but I may turn it into Book 1 instead of calling it a prequel. Jury’s still out.  My plan, though, is to make is a Free First in Series story to give new readers a taste of the Secret LIves of Librarians world I’ve built.

This week, I’m working mostly on writing and revising Answered Prophecy, and I have maybe two chapters left to go, so I’m close!  I also saw a pre-made cover that one of my cover designers created and had to buy it because it gave me crazy-good ideas for what happened to Veronica in her last incarnation. So I know have a total of 4 books plotted in this the series.  Sharing the line-up here.  I just love her work!