What I’m Working on this Week – 8 December 2023

This week has been all about prep work to “go wide,” including updating all my books, reformatting them, and making sure each file will work for each platform, whether Amazon, Apple, Kobo, D2D, Barnes and Noble, or Google.  I also got my updates to my website completed, finally, though I’ll have a bit of tweaking to do but that’s a lower priority until I start working on direct sales, which will be in the near future.

I’ve also worked on my new creative project, which is the prequel to the Witch Out of Time series.  Last week, I took a quick break to write the first chapter of the prequel, Answered Prophecy.  Consider it a test run.  What happens to Veronica as a toddler is something that happened to me at that age, and I wanted to write through that harrowing experience.  So the first chapter leads up to the, um, incident.  Pretty easy to write it.  Then this week, I got to the second chapter with Veronica, and I hit a wall!  It took me a full week to write about 2100 words.  They’re fine now that I’ve worked through them, but it did surprise me.  I guess the good news is I still don’t recall the missing minutes in my memory, but I do better understand the woman who rescued me.  As for the third and fourth chapters, they’re going much, much faster.

This wasn’t my only writing–I wrote much more this week on technical and legal reports for my non-literary career because we’re a the end of the calendar year and it’s time to wrap them up!