Lorna Tedder writes dark fiction full of magical elements, usually in the genres of supernatural thrillers, urban fantasy, and paranormal women’s fiction.

Many of her novels feature protagonists with empathic or intuitive talents, whether spiritual or supernatural, and range from action adventure  to deeply emotional fiction for women. Her more recent novels tend to be serious in tone, and each has a theme that delves into Life’s deeper issues, from struggling to recover from childhood trauma to making peace with one’s own coming of age to recovering from the loss of close friends that occurs as one gets older.

Her intention is to give readers a few wise words for dealing with the same issues as her protagonists, and for readers to find hope in their own stories as well.

She also writes metaphysical non-fiction as Lorna Elaine Tedder and business/leadership guides as Lorna E. Tedder.

She lives in Florida in a 100-year-old house with hardwood floors and odd architectural nooks and crannies.  She walks barefoot in the sand and surf as often as possible, usually while plotting her next novel, and especially in thunderstorms.