Altered Destiny

In her last lifetime and this one, Veronica Winzeler von Windlach has always known her destiny—until now.

As the top recruiter for the ancient Order of Daegan, chartered millennia ago to guide humanity according to a prophecy of the apocalypse, Veronica relies on her ability to recall vivid memories of events in her own future. But when a mystical reading leaves her fighting for her life more than forty years ahead of schedule, Veronica realizes someone has intentionally altered her destiny without her consent.

With enemies closing in and her visions no longer a guide, Veronica must find out who has manipulated time itself before her accelerated death date arrives, destroying any chance at fulfilling humanity’s salvation as the leader of the secret society. She will need to tap into abilities long dormant and battle the nefarious forces determined to control the key to the human race’s survival.

Can she find the right parallel timeline? Or has her fate become too altered to alter back?

Deciphering prophecies, manipulating timelines, and outrunning ancient enemies. Together with witches, librarians, and altered humans, Veronica battles supernatural conspiracies determined to control the fate of the human race. If you enjoy rich fantasy worlds, layered mysteries, and heroines battling to rewrite their own destinies against dark forces, you’ll be engrossed in the intricacies of Veronica’s fight to reclaim her true timeline.

The Witch Out of Time series takes place in the Secret Lives of Librarians universe.

Coming in Spring 2024