Answered Prophecy

Maeve has a dangerous secret she can no longer keep hidden.

For three years, Maeve has raised her best friend’s daughter in secret, hiding the truth about the child’s identity as the Chosen One reborn. But when a freak accident nearly claims little Veronica’s life, Maeve realizes she can no longer outrun the secret society now determined to control the once and future witch queen—the answer to an ancient prophecy awakening exactly three years behind schedule.

With help from a portal-traveling priest and supernatural wolf guardians, Maeve plunges back into the shadowy underworld of magic, reincarnation, and the unpredictable future. She must decide who to trust as she fights to protect Veronica from enemies old and new, all seeking to manipulate the child’s power for their own gains. Maeve will gladly sacrifice herself for this unique child and daughter of her heart, but with deception around every corner, she can no longer outrun the ominous reach of an ancient priesthood.

Can Maeve rewrite the prophecy’s terms and save both Veronica and humanity before time runs out?

Set in the 1970s in a time of less watchful parenting and limited technology, Answered Prophecy is the edge-of-your-seat prequel to the Witch Out of Time series, and introduces Veronica as a child with a great destiny.

Deciphering prophecies, manipulating timelines, and outrunning ancient enemies. Together with witches, librarians, and altered humans, Veronica battles supernatural conspiracies determined to control the fate of the human race. If you enjoy rich fantasy worlds, layered mysteries, and heroines battling to rewrite their own destinies against dark forces, you’ll be engrossed in the intricacies of Veronica’s fight to reclaim her true timeline.

The Witch Out of Time series takes place in the Secret Lives of Librarians universe.