Curses in Disguise

She naively gave her heart to a narcissist. He tried to destroy her for fun–until something supernatural intervened.

Lilah is young, still broken from childhood PTSD and yearning for a man who would make her feel deserving of love. Head over heels for the wrong guy, she’ll do anything to please him. Even if it destroys what’s left of her. Even if it prevents her from fulfilling a greater purpose in life than she can fathom.

Her narcissistic boyfriend isn’t a priest of a long dead god. He isn’t a librarian protecting ancient books. He doesn’t care about the destruction of humanity, or the coming pole shift, or secret societies warring for the control of a post-apocalyptic future. He’s just an engineering student with a talent for lies and sex. He’s the one thing that could push Lilah forever over the edge.

Can she realize her worth and find her purpose before she makes a fatal mistake?

Dark magic, black ops, and soul-stealing sex. Angels, demons, witches, empaths, and English professors all conceal the Secret Lives of Librarians, the Historical Society, and the ancient priesthood of a long-dead god. Together they prepare for the coming apocalypse, one dangerous book at a time. If you like dark stories, flawed characters, and old-school artifact mythologies, you’ll love the complexities and multi-layerings of this series.