Dark Revelations of Joan of Arc

One last deadly assignment and a promise of freedom. All lies.

English-professor-turned-antiquities-thief Aubrey de Lune wants nothing more than to reclaim the dream she left behind–locate her daughter and maybe find love again. Years ago, she gave up everything to save her daughter. Aubrey became the favorite employee of the bloodthirsty Adriano family, all to stay alive and protect Lilah. Her latest acquisition, a rare manuscript thought to have been written by Joan of Arc, holds a shocking secret with the power to destroy the Adrianos… or Aubrey and her own bloodline. Either way, after this assignment, the Adrianos won’t need her anymore.

Eric Cabordes, bodyguard and henchman, is devoted to protecting the tiniest Adriano heir from every threat, including cat burglars hired to loot whatever artifacts can increase the family’s global dominance. He intentionally botched Aubrey’s last job to keep her far away, but she showed up anyway with a Medieval relic and her request for early retirement denied. When the little boy accidentally stows away with Aubrey as she flees, Eric must reach them first, either to drag Aubrey back for punishment or to offer her a real chance at happiness.

Can Aubrey survive one last impossible heist while she and Eric keep both the Adriano heir and her own daughter safe?

If you like dark stories with damaged characters and old-school artifact mythologies, you’ll love the complexities and multi-layerings of this series. Dark Revelations of Joan of Arc was originally published as Dark Revelations, standalone book #3 of Sillhouette Books’ Madonna Key series. The book was revised for inclusion in the Secret Lives of Librarians universe.

Action-packed! A strong thriller. — a reader