Flying by Night

The last time she saw her two husbands alive, they were standing naked before the Altar of the Goddess. Now someone wants her dead, too.

Kestrel Firehawk, a polyamorous witch, has lost everything–her lovers, her home, her freedom. Framed for their murders, she has one chance to escape certain death. Only one.

Almost as dangerous as the cold-blooded killer is Dylan MacCool, the overworked detective on Kestrel’s trail. The night he loses her scent, tragedy strikes and everything he believes in changes. Desperate to find her, he unwittingly tips off the monster who wants to wipe out her existence and all of her bloodline.

But can he reach her first?

If you like the reincarnation, witches, and nail-biting suspense, you’ll be on the edge of your seat for Lorna Tedder’s twisting, multi-layered plot.

“… Marvelously well written…Riveting and suspenseful…a tale that keeps one on the edge of their seat, and is virtually impossible to put down.” — Paranormal Romance Reviews

“…A wonderful mystical witchy read that will thrill Goddess-worshippers everywhere.” — Rosemary Edghill, Bell, Book, and Murder (Bast mystery series)

“…More twists and turns than Celtic knot work–and just as carefully crafted” — Evelyn Vaughn, Waiting on the Wolf Moon (The Circle Series)

“…Sizzles with power, pulses with heart, and glows with the unmistakable light of pure spirit…nothing less than a gift from the Goddess!” — Maggie Shayne, New York Times bestselling author of Eternity

“…Gripping…a suspenseful, alternative tale, and strongly recommended to fans of the genre as being a unique and very different kind of mystery.” — Midwest Book Review