Midlife Mirages: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel

She had learned to own who she was, mistakes and all.  But is the sudden downturn a natural cycle…or a rival’s curse?

Lauren, a powerful witch, has finally found happiness and love with her new husband. But when her powers suddenly disappear and a supernatural force begins stalking her, she is forced to confront a new set of challenges. Grief-stricken over the loss of her closest companion, recovering from a health scare, and struggling with a crisis of faith, Lauren fears she won’t be able to save her family or herself.

Time is running out—can she find out who commands the servitor and destroy it before it destroys her?

Midlife Mirages is the second book in the Rites of Passage trilogy, a paranormal women’s fiction series featuring an over-40 heroine and actual witchcraft rituals.  If you enjoy real magic and spellwork, emotional stories of forgiveness and release, and a Wiccan perspective, then you’ll love Lorna Tedder’s novel of midlife reckonings.

TRIGGER WARNING:  The backstory references past abusive relationships and a miscarriage. This novel deals with some of the heavier midlife rites of passage, including health concerns, grief over lost close relationships, family addictions, mental health, aging parents, and an emptying nest, but also offers comfort and perspective in handling grief.

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