Midlife Visions: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel

She buried her past long ago when she called on the Old Gods to save her life, but can family secrets remain hidden when they’re the only thing her elderly mother remembers?

As Lauren steps into her power, one shadow remains. In her small Southern hometown, her mother is suffering from dementia–and asking everyone about a predator who vanished without a trace forty years ago. The mystery of her uncle’s disappearance isn’t Lauren’s only problem. Her visions are back, warning her of a killer who’s stalking her. For years, Lauren has fought supernatural dangers, but this time she must face a very human threat.

In the midst of this emotional whirlwind of healing the deepest of old wounds, Lauren finds solace in Virgil, a childhood friend who has grown into a powerful witch. Together, they must unravel the truth behind her visions and put old ghosts to rest.

Will Lauren go to jail for a decades-old murder or will the killer in her visions catch her first?

Midlife Visions is a suspenseful and deeply emotional paranormal women’s fiction novel that explores the themes of healing, childhood abuse, eldercare, family dysfunction, and the power of forgiveness. Fans of over-40 heroines, midlife revelations, small Southern towns, and authentic portrayals of magic and spellwork will be captivated by Lorna Tedder’s gripping tale of family secrets, redemption, and the journey to find lasting peace.

TRIGGER WARNING:  The backstory references past abusive relationships and childhood sexual trauma. This novel deals with some of the heavier midlife rites of passage, including dementia and aging parents, but also offers comfort and perspective in handling grief.

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