Shielding Techniques for Empaths

Stressed by the discord of others? Learn techniques to make your innate awareness feel like a blessing.

Getting whiplash from the unrelenting barrage of narcissistic personalities? Trying to regain balance from draining relationships? Sick of walking by graveyards or hospitals and having your gut clench with nausea? Lifelong empath and Third Degree Wiccan High Priestess Lorna Elaine Tedder has spent years discovering how to tame the noise and reclaim her inborn power. And now she’s here to share a raw study of how she’s protected herself from violent energies to help you cleanse those psychic stains and embrace a bright future.

Shielding for Empaths: A Highly Sensitive Person’s Intimate Guide to Protection Against Negative Energy and Overwhelming Emotions is a detailed blueprint for navigating the extrasensory plane from someone who’s been in your shoes. Using visceral personal examples, insightful meditative routines, and a revealing Q&A section, Tedder explains the ins and outs of energetic connections. And by learning how to regulate your own openness, you’ll be able to preserve your unique senses to support loved ones while safeguarding yourself from harmful forces.

In Shielding for Empaths, you’ll discover:

– Actionable strategies for replacing rollercoaster fears with irrepressible fun

– Ways to avoid manipulation from narcissists that make platonic and romantic relationships more fulfilling

– How to defend against bad locational energy signatures, so you can walk the planet freely

– A thirteen-point checklist for identifying the origins of negative impressions to help you protect your peace

– Centering exercises, data taken from actual events, self-care advice, and much, much more!

Shielding for Empaths is a gentle primer for dealing with a chaotic world. If you like practical discussions, relatable spiritual leaders, and story-based information, then you’ll love Lorna Elaine Tedder’s calming counsel.