Librarians and Witches (Part 1)

After Lilah was abducted as a child, the darkness in her has always been just below the surface.

Well, almost always.

Can she keep the monster inside her under control and find a new life purpose as the guardian of an ancient library of deadly secrets?

Or is she destined for hell?

Jakin, a physics professor by day and a  by night, will do anything to bring back his beloved Suzanna.

Will he rescue Lilah from a cold-blooded killer determined to steal The Key of Hell and Death–only to sacrifice her on the altar of a long-dead god?

Dark magic, black ops, and soul-stealing sex. That’s the world of The Secret Lives of Librarians, the Historical Society, and the ancient priesthood of a long-dead god as they prepare for the coming apocalypse.

If you like dark stories with damaged characters and old-school artifact mythologies, you’ll love the complexities and multi-layerings of this series.

A serialization coming in 2024