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Seeking inspiration from real-life stories of resilience and success in government?

Acquisition Devotionals, A Collection of Strategies and Stories for Effective Government Contracting, is a compelling collection of articles from seasoned acquisition expert, Lorna E. Tedder. Written between 2020 and 2024 and originally published on LinkedIn, these articles offer a unique blend of practical advice, innovative strategies, and personal reflections tailored for professionals in both the Federal Government and industry sectors. Whether you’re a seasoned contracting officer or new to the field, Acquisition Devotionals provides invaluable insights to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of procurement.

Through engaging analogies, real-life stories, and actionable takeaways, Tedder delves into the complexities of risk management, process optimization, and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies like AI. This curated collection is not just a guide—it’s a source of inspiration. You’ll find yourself motivated by stories of resilience, encouraged by practical solutions, and equipped with the knowledge to drive efficiency and innovation in your acquisition processes.

Are your innovative ideas for reducing lead times being silenced?

Speaking of Innovative Contracting: A Collection of Hard-Won Truths from an Acquisition Maverick presents a compelling compilation of articles by seasoned acquisition expert Lorna E. Tedder. Originally published on her Agile Acquisition Blog between 2018 and 2019, these articles offer a unique blend of practical advice, innovative strategies, and candid reflections on the rapidly evolving landscape of government procurement.

Tedder, known for her “renegade” contracting methods, delves into the complexities of Other Transaction Authority, 10 USC 2373/4023, and other cutting-edge tools for achieving rapid acquisition. Through engaging analogies and real-world examples, she tackles challenges like navigating the “Frozen Middle,” managing data rights, building effective teams, and leveraging strategic sourcing.

This curated collection is a must-read for acquisition professionals seeking to break free from outdated processes and embrace a more agile approach. You’ll find yourself inspired by Tedder’s fearless pursuit of innovation and equipped with practical strategies to drive efficiency and accelerate the delivery of critical technologies.

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Rapid Acquisition Books


The next two business-related books, coming in 2024, are:

The Trifecta of Effectiveness:  How a Badass Cubicle Dweller Optimizes Tools, Mindset, and Relationships  – a non-acquisition-specific leadership guide chock full of real-life examples and ideas

Contracting for Rapid Acquisition: A Practical & Personal Guide to Disrupting the Status Quo for a More Responsive Future – specific to Federal acquisition and a how-to/why-to guide with Lorna as a mentor over your shoulder, telling you how to use her own proven techniques

Lorna E. Tedder is the OG of Innovative Contracting.

She was a DoD Contracting Officer for 3 decades, a Rapid Acquisition consultant working with startups and innovation hubs for a year, and a Subject Matter Expert for an FFRDC for 5 years, writing guidance and concocting creative acquisition strategies. During her last 6 years with the Air Force, she ran the Rapid Acquisition Cell, focusing primarily on rapid prototyping, streamlined production, and quick reaction capabilities.

Her specialties include Intellectual Property/data rights, Other Transaction authority, creative contracting solutions, oral proposals, Procurement for Experimental Purposes, and relationship building. She transitioned to a full-time writing career in May 2024 with a goal of publishing books based on her experiences and expertise, specifically on changing the culture, accelerating the contracting process, and leaving a legacy of truly innovative mindsets in Federal Acquisition.

She plans to provide two free ebooks/audiobooks of acquisition articles (total of approximately 100,000 words) curated from her acquisition blog and social media as well as two new books, Contracting for Rapid Acquisition: A Practical & Personal Guide to Disrupting the Status Quo for a More Responsive Future and The Trifecta of Effectiveness: How a Badass Cubicle Dweller Optimizes Tools, Mindset, and Relationships, both due out in 2024. You can also follow Lorna on LinkedIn.